Thursday, August 13, 2009

Health Care Reform

I am 100% for SOME kind of Health Care! If you don't like might as well just stop reading now. I'm not on here to debate with anyone. I'm just on here to vent my frustrations! If you don't like, leave my site.

At the age of 1 I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. What that means is my body produces no insulin. Insulin breaks down the sugars in your body and uses those sugars to power and feed the cells in your body. When you don't produce insulin your body cannot break down sugar, this in turn causes tons of problems. If any of your loved ones start experiencing intense thirst, going to the bathroom a lot, very tired,loss of energy, they get cranky which is not their normal behavior, and possible headaches....I would suggest getting their blood sugars checked! My parents took me to lots of doctors in our area and all keep saying I had the flu until I almost died and then they found out the cause! So if are having those symptoms it a great idea to get checked, cause it CAN kill you.

I DO NOT have insurance. My medicals needs come out of my own pocket which totals close to $12,000 a year. My insulin is $100 a vial which lasts me a month and I cannot live without my insulin. My test strips cost about $58 for 50 of them, and they are use once and throw away. I go through 4-6 test strips a freaking day! Glucose tablets are $5 for a bottle at walmart and are NEVER on sale. I buy two bottles almost every time I go and I'm lucky if they last me two weeks. Syringes are $34 a box and you are suppose to use once and destroy, but since I have to buy a box of month I tend to reuse them ( oh! and I've been called a druggie more than once at rite aid for trying to buy them!!!!!) Lets not forget to add Dr. visits every three to four months for check ups $54 a visit, blood work that is suppose to be done every three to four months which is over $100 each time, alcohol swabs, needles to prick my fingers, my glucometer, and the fact that I can't go without eating!!!!!

Now the question comes to mind...Well, why don't you have insurance Morgan?
The answer to that is..I CAN"T GET INSURANCE IN THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!
Insurance companies like to consider Diabetes a "Pre existing illness" a chronic illness yes, but a Pre existing illness. Now I didn't ask for this illness. I have had it now for 26yrs. I work every day pretty much, pay my taxes, is a good citizen, pay my bills, don't have any tickets..I just try to do the right thing....but I still don't deserve health care? I don't deserve the same health care and happiness as other people? Do you know that if I lived in Cuba I could have health care...CUBA!
And I'm not the only one! You all better hope you never get sick. I'm shocked at all the people fighting for these insurance companies!!!! These insurance companies are the same ones that when people who work hard and pay their premiums, are the ones who the companies drop AS SOON as they are diagnosed with something like cancer. They refuse to pay for the health care these people need! As soon as people get sick these insurance companies will drop you like a hot potato...Now tell me how that's right? Why are people standing up for these companies that truly don't give a shit to whether YOU live or die? And don't you dare try to say I'm making up this crap either. I have a friend who was diagnosed with a form of cancer and NEEDED chemo to live. The insurance company paid for part of her Chemo and then turned around and said..She doesn't need it anymore..WHEN SHE DID! She was sick with cancer and had to fight with this company to let her have the chemo she needed to live!!!! Now tell me how this right..I DARE YOU! That insurance company looked at her and basically said, even though you and your family have been paying thousands into your insurance, you cost us too much money now so you have die!?!
You get a ticket for not having insurance on your car..but insurance companies don't get tickets for not allowing people to have insurance...?
The government needs to step in! Something needs to change! Other countries can successfully pull off health care..HELL the united states of America have the VA which is the same concept and VERY VERY VERY successful! Why can't we broaden it and use that same idea to give people health care they need!

I hoping maybe someone will read this and consider maybe changing their mind if they are against health care for everyone or at least reconsider what they thought. It's hard to see the other side when you aren't sick or haven't had to go through this kind of stuff! But..I don't have much hope anymore, so i highly doubt it!

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